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Parents and caregivers of infants, special-needs children, and even adults with recent loss of speech are keenly interested in alternative methods of communication. There have been recent media events highlighting parents who are using sign language with their infants long before they are ready to speak. This wonderful means of communication can be used until the child, or individual, is able to verbalize, or it can be continued as a second language. Sign language is a wonderful means of communication for anyone who is unable to speak. We have developed a book that makes learning sign language easy. You can learn American Sign Language without having to learn difficult terminology. Our easy descriptions help you learn it with confidence.

Sign language bed

BED - The head is tilted to the side with the cheek resting on the palm as if the head was lying on a pillow.

This can also be done with two hands together.


Happy Signing Babies:

Happy Signing Kids:

    There are many wonderful special-needs children who are unable to communicate. This is incredibly frustrating for them, as well as for their parents. Sign language can help these children until they are able to verbalize. It is not meant to replace or delay verbal communication, but it will help fill the void until the child can speak. Unfortunately, parents who are already overwhelmed and busy do not have time to take sign language courses, and learning it from books and flash cards can be difficult. That is why we produced this book. We have made learning basic sign language very easy and fun. Your child does not have to learn a lot of signs, just enough to get his basic needs expressed.

Happy Signing Seniors:

    Sometimes due to Parkinsons, strokes, or accidents, adults can lose their ability to speak. This can leave them incredibly frustrated and discouraged. This book can help them get their needs and thoughts expressed. We can tailor the book to include words that they may wish to use regularly. The simplicity of it makes it easy for caregivers and family members to learn the signs as well.

    Sign Language Bird a Sign Language Bird b Sign Language Bird c
    BIRD- The thumb and index finger are extended and placed in front of the mouth with the fingers pointing out. The two fingers open and close like a bird beak.

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